Greetings in Spanish

Greetings are one of the most important aspects of any language. You’re probably used to saying “Hello!” to people you see. In Spanish, there are several different ways to greet people. Spanish greetings are similar to those used in other Romance languages such as Italian, French, and Portuguese.

Here are some common greetings and phrases you might encounter followed by an example of how they are all used in a conversation!

¡Hola! – Ways to Say “Hello”

When you first see someone, you’ll probably want to say hello.

Buenos DíasGood Day/Morning
Buenas TardesGood Afternoon
Buenas NochesGood Evening

¿Como Estas? – Questions Following a Greeting

After greeting someone, it’s common for one person to ask the other how they are doing. There are a few different questions that may be asked for this.

¿Como Estas?
How are you? (informal)
¿Como Esta?/
¿Como Esta Usted?
How are you? (formal)
¿Que Tal?What’s Up?
¿Como Te Va?How is it going?
¿Como has ido?How have you been?

¡Muy Bien! – Responses to “How are you?”

After being asked one of the questions above, you’ll want to respond with how you’re feeling or how your day is going.

¡Muy Bien!Very Good!
Bien, GraciasGood, Thank You
Como SiempreLike Always
Todo BienEverything’s Good

¿Y Tu? – How to Ask the Other Person the Same Question You Just Answered

After someone has asked you a question and you’ve answered it, you can say

¿Y tu?

This means “And you?” This is usually said after someone is asked how they are doing.

Example Greeting Conversation

A conversation can start many ways, but the majority of them will start using the greetings mentioned in this article.


– ¡Hola! Buenos Días!

¿Como Estas?

– ¡Muy Bien! Y tu?

Bien, Gracias.

This is a simple but effective way to greet in Spanish. It is unlikely that you will go more than 5 minutes on the street in a Spanish-speaking country without hearing something similar to this example conversation. Now when someone says “¡Hola!” to you, you’ll be prepared to say “¡Buenos Dias! ¿Como Estas?”

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